magic/voodod/wizard promega preps: alternative

Helge Weissig helgew at
Wed Feb 9 11:59:39 EST 1994

Clemens (suter at wrote:
>dear frustrated voodoo scientists,
>after reading about so much problems with promega.... diagen
>produces also a plasmid kit, named (for unknown reasons) qiagen.
the reason is that there is an American company named "DIAGENE" (or
something like that) so they can't call themself Diagen in the states :)

>perhaps an alternative ? i have used it for three years now, it
>is fast & good.

I have used it too, but ended up with varying results. Sometimes no DNA
whatsoever.... but if you get some (which most ppl do, so it might be my
inability... NOT) it's very clean... suitable for everything

>                it may be more expensive than the promega stuff,
>but the columns can be used more than once 

how do you clean the columns, Clemens?

>                                           (up to four times, check
>the catalog for price differences, if any). they apparently also
>produce a spin column system, which i didn't use myself yet
>no connection to this company, just like their product.


>clemens, mpi-z, cologne, germany

Helge (ex-MpiIB, Freiburg :))


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