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Helge Weissig helgew at ljcrf.edu
Thu Feb 10 02:28:43 EST 1994

Paul N Hengen <pnh at fcsparc6.ncifcrf.gov> wrote:
[lotsa stuff deleted]
>....... if people would get together and compile it. You could post the list
>you have and others could add to it. This would make my life much easier than
>searching for all of them myself. I'll then add it onto the FAQ list.

-> CLONTECH     CLONTECH at BIOTECHNET.COM (the evil biotechnet.com adress :)
-> PROMEGA      biotec at pslc.psl.wisc.edu
-> STRATAGENE   sam_marsh at stratagene.com

>BTW, the companies you are speaking of definitely know what is going on here in
>the methds-reagnts newsgroup even without you bombarding them with all the
>e-mail carbon copies of the postings. I think this would most likely ruin our
>connections to those companies as they begin tuning out the noise level.

oops! didn't mean to do that... on the other hand there are some companies
(eg ABI) that don't even have e-mail yet. A representative of ABI told me
that this is due to security reasons.. something I find hard to comprehend.

thank you for your efforts again, Paul!



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