RNA storage

Michael Coady coady at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Thu Feb 10 09:24:40 EST 1994

In article <dboyd-090294172645 at nazar.dent.umanitoba.ca> dboyd at ccu.umanitoba.ca (D. Boyd) writes:
>Having some trouble keeping RNA intact (surprise). I vaguely remember
>reading one of those useful one page methods papers at the end of a Nucleic
>Acids Research volume a few years ago (sometime in the last 2 years I
>think) about keeping your RNA stored in formamide and in the freezer.
>Anybody have the reference or know the details? Thanks! And my boss thanks

	Sorry I don't have the paper at hand to give you the references,
but just look through Medline under the author name of Peter Chomczynski.


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