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Jim Woodgett jwoodget at oci.utoronto.ca
Thu Feb 10 19:51:14 EST 1994

In article <2jeic0$f6a at mserv1.dl.ac.uk>, John Brunstein 
<brunstei at unixg.ubc.ca> writes:

> 	According to information I just received from New England 
> Biolabs (NEB) yesterday, their E-mail address is 
> info at ca.neb.com 
> NOT 
> info at neb.com 
> ......although perhaps their local mail-daemon will handle this.  It is 
> also possible that this is specifically the address for inquiries from 
> the cold side of the 49th parallel, but their information did not in 
> any way suggest this.  

Methinks it IS for we icemen since the mailing was from the Mississauga, 
Ontario branch and the "ca" sets them apart from the US base.  It seems NEB 
are ahead of the game on the internet since they also have an ftp site 
(vent.neb.com) where they hope to place all of their product info and 
transcripts of Transcript.

For more info contact:

David Pritchard, New England Biolabs Ltd.       e-mail: pritchard at ca.neb.com
3397 American Drive, Unit 12                               Tel: 905-672-3370
Mississauga, ON Canada  L4V 1T8                            Fax: 905-672-3414

Oh well, back to my ligations....


(who is in no way connected to NEB, etc.)

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