RNA storage

Andre Hamel hamel at cc.umanitoba.ca
Thu Feb 10 17:20:28 EST 1994

Chomczynski, P. 1992. Solubilization in formamide protects RNA from
degradation. Nucl. Acids Res. 20 (14): 3791-3792.

BTW, suggested for RNAs of known conc ... "ready for gel" (add EtBr/dye
mix,  heat 70*C/10 min -> ice -> load

Have extracted RNA from cultured cells in 10x vol formamide -> vortex ->
microfuge 5 min/4*C -> save sup -> ready for RT-PCR, gel, etc

For RT-PCR, found that Vent, Deep Vent (Pfu) DNA pols tolerate up to 20%
formamide conc, whereas Taq can handle only about 5%.

Great method for quick DNA prep too (for PCR) ... there's been several
publications on use of formamide for DNA ext'n from whole blood for
example (NAR, Biotechniques).

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