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> This message is being sent to both virology and methods-and-reagents.  I am
> looking for a chromosome-specific library (17).  Cosmid would be good.  To
> my knowledge, they are not yet commercially available.  Does anyone know if
> there are any available, e.g., through the human genome project?  If not,
> how hard are they to make?  Can one get sorted chromosomes?  How hard is it
> to sort chrom. by FACS??? Thanks

Check out the ATCC collection.

You can now telnet there by:

telnet (login = SEARCH, password = COMMON)

alternatively you can access ATCC by gopher at:

gopher or or

any probs contact gopher at or email to help at

 They have a number of chromosome specific libraries for human. Cosmid
(supercos) and phage (charon 40). 

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