Swagelok Distributor?

STASCA at vthvax.tamu.edu STASCA at vthvax.tamu.edu
Fri Feb 11 11:30:51 EST 1994

>Does anyone have the name and number of a distributor of "Swagelock"
>brand fittings? We have a Hovac diaphragm pump and need to attach tubing
>to the outlet port. The piece of Tygon that is now twisted into the hole
>is not doing the job.
>Michael Myers
>myersm at rockvax.rockefeller.edu
	This is the address:
Swagelok Co.
31400 Aurora Road., 
Solon, OH 44139
FAX: (216)349-5843

	Serban Tasca
	Texas A&M Univ.
	College Station

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