thin-walled pcr tubes?

Michael Myers myersm at
Fri Feb 11 08:09:52 EST 1994

Experienced PCR people:

Who knows of a good source for very thin-walled microtubes (0.5ml) that
work well for PCR? We do a lot of PCR with degenerate primers and find
that the tube is critical for getting good yields of product. We
currently get our tubes from VWR, but they apparently changed their
supplier about a year or so ago. The tubes have gone from having recessed
to flat tops, and are now thicker walled, and give noticeably less
product. Even better would be thin walled tubes that come in multiple
colors (cycle sequencing G,A,T,C).

PS. I know Perkin Elmer-Cetus sells special thin walled tubes, but they
are quite expensive. Hoping for a cheaper source.


Michael Myers
myersm at

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