thin-walled pcr tubes?

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> Experienced PCR people:
> Who knows of a good source for very thin-walled microtubes (0.5ml) that
> work well for PCR? We do a lot of PCR with degenerate primers and find
> that the tube is critical for getting good yields of product. We
> currently get our tubes from VWR, but they apparently changed their
> supplier about a year or so ago. The tubes have gone from having recessed
> to flat tops, and are now thicker walled, and give noticeably less
> product. Even better would be thin walled tubes that come in multiple
> colors (cycle sequencing G,A,T,C).
> PS. I know Perkin Elmer-Cetus sells special thin walled tubes, but they
> are quite expensive. Hoping for a cheaper source.
> Thanks,
> Michael Myers
> myersm at

Hi there,
This might be my second reply, I am not sure if the first one went through.
Stratagene sells "oil-free thin-wall tubes" cat#410090 for 1000 tubes.
I don't have the price as in Hong Kong you have to call the local rep to get
a quotation.
Hope this helps.

Kaimin Chan
H9290184 at

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