Seeking GST antibodies

Joseph Lee joelee at
Tue Feb 15 07:19:50 EST 1994

In article <01H8VM3EO2CI005Q2G at UNCVX1.OIT.UNC.EDU>,
> Anyone out there knows a commercial source for good anti-GST antiserum. I
> tried Pharmacia but they will only send me theirs as part of an expensive
> and useless detection kit.
> People have been using pGEX vectors for soo long I can't believe there isn't
> someone out there selling GST antiserum.
> Thanks in advance.

You can purchase anti-GST mAbs from Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc (408) 457
3800 or 1 800 457 3801.

I guess i should mention that i have no connection with this company;
however, i am not above receiving kickbacks from them as a finders fee
(cash or merchandise is fine).

Joseph Lee
Dept. of Biochemistry
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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