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In article <2jdq7m$3t3 at news.bu.edu>, pfoster at bu.edu (Patricia Foster) writes:
> Dear Netters,
>    I have been checking old and new labels from
> Magic/Wizzard kits.  It seems that the significant
> change was from guanidine thiocyanate (old) to
> guanidine HCl (new).  How about everyone checking
> to see if we can correlate good results and bad
> results with thiocyanate vs HCl.
> pat
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> Patricia L. Foster
> Boston University School of Medicine
> Boston, MA USA
> pfoster at bu.edu

Are you sure this is right. Down here in Australia we are still exhausting our
supplies of 'Magic' Minipreps (send your orders to me now, not), and the
guanidine used in the good old 'Magic' Minipreps is guanidine HCl according to
our supplied data sheets.
Incidently I was sick of paying big $$$ for Promega's Magic Minipreps (in
Australia its approx. A$3 per prep), so I made my own resin according to the
posting in this group of a couples of months ago. Results thus far are
pleasing, with DNA at concentrations of 500ng/ul and cutting very well. Next
step is sequencing (give a week or so). 
By re-using the columns (boiling in de-naturing solution and
autoclaving) and making all my own solutions I can get the cost from A$3 a prep
to approx 11 cents (yep thats right 11 cents). The majority of the saving is in
the resin. Promega charge A$940 per litre while I can make it for A$40 per

Viva le kit busters

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