protease site prediction

Emile Schiltz eschiltz at
Tue Feb 15 12:02:27 EST 1994

Leptin lab (---) wrote:
: I would very much appreciate if anyone could send me information about the
: prediction of consensus protease cleavage sites. Thanks for the the help.

: Cristina Stella, 
: MPI fuer Entwicklungsbiologie, TŸbingen
: Stella at MPBVAX.MPIB-Tuebingen.MPG.DE

Cristina, the available information is of two types:
in any better book on protein sequencing e.g. Practical Protein
Chemistry by A. Darbre, you find the standard specificity of

if you want to know much more there is a database by Keil possibly
called LYSIS and also a book from him on preferred cleavage sites

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