PEG : to autoclave or not to autoclave, that is the ques

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Tue Feb 15 11:06:47 EST 1994

In article <1994Feb15.085613.7863 at>, JANIEMI at FINABO.ABO.FI (Jarmo Niemi) writes:
> In <2jou5u$lpk at> Tim writes:
> > Is there a reason why protocols for PEG precipitation of phage specify
> > that it should be filter sterilized? 
> > What's supposed to happen if you autoclave it?????
> In my experience, solutions with PEG and NaCl, even when autoclaved
> separately, turn yellow after some time. Filtered PEG-NaCl solutions
> seem to do this much more slowly. What happens, I don't know, and DNA
> prepared with yellow PEG-NaCl can be sequenced, IMH (In my hands...).
>Jarmo Niemi   Biochemistry, University of Turku, Finland, janiemi at

Also, we routinely use autoclaved PEG for cell fusions in monoclonal antibody
production.  Yes, it is slightly yellow but it still does the job.  In fact
I doubt if you could actually filter sterilise such high MW PEGs.

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