Agarose staining

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>> Can anybody give an ignorant physicist some sensible ideas about the best
>> methods (preferably with recipes) which we might be able to use to stain
>> agarose electrophoresis gels in such a way that we can distinguish single
>> stranded from double stranded DNA. We are currently using EtBr to stain all
>> our gels and have tried to use Sigma "Stains All". The Stains all does seem
>> to help in monitoring terminal transferase reactions but I'm not sure that
>> we have the best recipe. Anybody got any useful advice?
>> Trevor Forsyth, Physics Dept., Keele University, UK

>You might bee able to use acridine orange; I used it years ago to distinguish
>ss from ds DNA, but I don't have any current recipes.

>Jon Clewley

Some people in our department have started using YoYo to discriminate between
ss and ds DNA.  Apparently it works extremely well, but I don't know if it is
useable/has been used with agarose gels.  And of course no recipe, sorry.  I
think there was a JBC article by Benbow within the last year or so about it .
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