PEG : to autoclave or not to autoclave, that is the ques

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Tue Feb 15 11:48:45 EST 1994

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> In <2jou5u$lpk at> Tim writes:
> > Is there a reason why protocols for PEG precipitation of phage specify
> > that it should be filter sterilized? 
> > What's supposed to happen if you autoclave it?????
> In my experience, solutions with PEG and NaCl, even when autoclaved
> separately, turn yellow after some time. Filtered PEG-NaCl solutions
> seem to do this much more slowly. What happens, I don't know, and DNA
> prepared with yellow PEG-NaCl can be sequenced, IMH (In my hands...).
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I've heard that molecules like PEG and SDS break down when they're 
I never bother to sterilize them anyway unless I'm going to use them
for E. coli work.


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