High Efficiency Transformation (libraries)

Klaus.Matthaei at ANU.EDU.AU Klaus.Matthaei at ANU.EDU.AU
Thu Feb 17 01:46:22 EST 1994

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>jgraham at bronze.ucs.indiana.edu (the End) writes:
>> Has anyone actually achieved transformation efficiencies near the 
>> 10(9)/ ug reported by Hanahan ? This would require a CsCl purified
Stuff deleted

>it's really difficult get that frequency!
>On the other hand, have you tried electroporation? Maniatis's protocol
>gives good transformation frequencies too; I have read somewhere that
>MC1061 is the best for electroporation.
True, but caution MC1061 is recA plus and can rearrange your insert.

There is a clone around that is recA minus called MC1061.1 that is superb
for electroporation

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