PCR patent (was: How to avoid PCR errors?)

Mike Morris mike at medsun.unige.ch
Thu Feb 17 02:37:44 EST 1994

In article <sjscharf-160293145401 at sjscharf.slip.netcom.com>, sjscharf at netcom.com (Stephen Scharf) writes:
> I think you're right in that Vent from NEB isn't licensed for PCR, but I do
> know that PE sells a proofreading enzyme called UlTma that is good for
> proofreading during PCR, and it is licensed. As far as I know, it would be
> good for the application described here.  As to whether I'm the guy you're
> referring to as reading this message, I'm not sure....am I the person you
> were thinking of, or is the thought police lurking around the corner?

  If I publish an article that says "PCR was performed with Taq polymerase
from Cheapochem Inc", what is the legal position?

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