MJ Duggan sgex400 at
Wed Feb 16 08:40:34 EST 1994

Dear all,

We need some streptolysin-o rather urgently for some work on
permeablising cells. We had thought to obtain it from Sigma, but thei
are having some problems with their production at the moment (i.e. the
stuff is not active when it reaches us the customer).

We are, therefore, looking for some alternative source of supply. If
anybody knows of a company which can supply reliable streptolysin-o,
preferably with a UK/European agent, we would be most grateful.

We have heard that it can be (or used to be) obtained from

WBAG Resource Inc. in Switzerland


The Institut Pasteur Production Company (?)

but cannot find phone/fax numbers for these organisations, again any help
would be most welcome.

thanks Mike Duggan

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