How to avoid PCR errors?

Stephen Scharf sjscharf at
Wed Feb 16 17:59:59 EST 1994

In article <A2VLBBDU at>, Rafael at (Rafa
Maldonado) wrote:

> Hi Oliver!
> Try Vent polymerase from NEB. It's proofreading too.
> BUT...
> Are you sure that you can use that enzyme for PCR? I think that Vent IS
> NOT licensed for PCR, so... you can't! There is a guy from the owners
> of the PCR license reading this message just now, so be careful because
> he'll be sending you bad news.
> is it true, or I am wrong?
> ----------------------------------
> Rafael Maldonado
> Howard Hughes Medical Insitute
> University of Utah
> Rafael at

I think you're right in that Vent from NEB isn't licensed for PCR, but I do
know that PE sells a proofreading enzyme called UlTma that is good for
proofreading during PCR, and it is licensed. As far as I know, it would be
good for the application described here.  As to whether I'm the guy you're
referring to as reading this message, I'm not I the person you
were thinking of, or is the thought police lurking around the corner?

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