autoclaving PEG6000

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Thu Feb 17 07:49:43 EST 1994

+|> Is there a reason why protocols for PEG precipitation of phage specify
+|> that it should be filter sterilized? 
+|> What's supposed to happen if you autoclave it?????
+I autoclave mine. It works perfectly well. I find that the PEG/NaCl solution 
+appears as two layers when hot, but these can be mixed again when it cools.

but WHY ????
as far as i can remember, this solution contains 20% PEG6000 and 2.5 M (!)
NaCl. hardly likely anything would grow on that, especially if you take 
some care when weighing it in... my advice: don't autoclave at all !
what most don't realize is that autoclaves are very capable of intro-
ducing shit from other bottles into your precious solutions, and
that plasmid DNA can survive autoclaving quite well (enough to give background
during transformations....), not to mention yeasts and other sporeforming

save time and money, cheers,
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