BioRad CHEF problems

Thu Feb 17 17:20:21 EST 1994

Our lab has a BioRad CHEF Mapper that has started to "blow" its electrodes.
When we purchased the system 2 years ago, we were told that the higher 
grade electrodes used in the CHEF Mapper would last the lifetime (we 
figured 10 years) of the electrophoresis chamber. The electrodes are 
approximately $30 each and can only be purchased in lots of 6 (and of 
course BioRad is the only supplier). 

Two other labs I have contacted have had similar problems after also being
told the electrodes would last. BioRad replaced all 24 electrodes in the 
other lab's boxes, but would not extend the same courtesy to us.  Have 
any other labs had similar problems?     

Any information would be extremely helpful.

Thanks in advance.
Jenna McKee-Johnson

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