Taq polymerase - what exonuclease activities?

Brian Foley brianf at med.uvm.edu
Thu Feb 17 16:02:14 EST 1994

P. Hirst (PHirst at massey.ac.nz) wrote:

: I'm trying find out exactly what exonuclease activities Taq polymerase
: has, and which polymerase it is/ or which it's derived from.  The
: literature I've found so far is far from precise in its description, so
: any information anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

	Taq polymerase is the Thermus aquaticus equivalent of the E. coli 
polA gene product.  The T. aquaticus polA gene sequence is in Genbank, as 
is the E. coli gene.
	I suspect that some companies have made deletions in the Taq polA 
gene in order to supply a T. aquaticus equivalent of the Klenow fragment 
of E. coli polymerase, but I am not certain about this.  I have heard
people refer to this Taq as "KlenTaq", but I have not seen it published.

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