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If anyone would like to make additions or corrections to this FAQ list,
please send the information to:

Paul N. Hengen
National Cancer Institute
Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center
Frederick, Maryland 21702-1201 USA
e-mail: pnh at 

 1. What are some good reference books for methods in molecular biology?
 2. Where can I get information about the genotypes and phenotypes of
    common E. coli strains used in molecular genetics?
 3. How can I access MEDLINE?
 4. How do I amplify pBR322 plasmid using chloramphenicol?
 5. If a plasmid has more than one site for a particular restriction
    enzyme, is there some way to get the enzyme to cut at only one site?
 6. How I do prepare powdered silica for DNA purification, with the
    associated solutions?
 7. How do I use powdered silica to isolate DNA from agarose gels?
 8. How do I use silica powder to prepare plasmid DNA for sequencing?
 9. What is PCR?
10. What are some good reference books for PCR?
11. How should I select a set of primers to use for PCR?
12. What kinds of programs are available for designing PCR primers?
13. What is "Hot-start" PCR?
14. What is AP-PCR or RAPD PCR?
15. What is "Touchdown" PCR?
16. Is there a simple method to sequence lambda, M13, or plasmid
    clones using PCR?
17. What is solid-phase sequencing?
18. What is cycle sequencing?
19. What is the easiest and most cost efficient means to remove the Dye
    Deoxy-terminators for automated sequencing after cycle sequencing?
20. Is it possible to clean and re-use electroporation cuvettes?
21. Is there a simple subcloning method for plasmid construction?

	The answers follow in the FAQ, but I have deleted them here to save
bandwidth.  If you want the answers to the FAQs, FTP them from
or GOPHER them from IUBIO, or write to Paul Hengen.

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