LPS quantitation help?

Luc Bourbonniere lbourbon at uoguelph.ca
Thu Feb 17 11:31:25 EST 1994

On 17 Feb 1994, Helgi Briem Magnusson wrote:

> Hello all.
>    I am posting this for a friend who wants to know if there are good
> methods for quantifying LipoPolySaccharides from bacteria.  Any
> references or suggestions would be much appreciated.
> Regards, Helgi Briem
> Inst. Expmtl. Pathol.
> Keldur, Iceland
> hbriem at rhi.hi.is


	In the latest edition of "Methods in general and molecular bacteriology"
(Gerhardt et al.(Ed.),1994,ASM) on pages 533-34, they describe an assay
for total LPS. Hope this might help!

					Luc Bourbonniere 

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