Fuzzy Sequencing Gel Bands

Fri Feb 18 14:18:26 EST 1994

I think that the problem is a design flaw in the venerable gray BRL
units that everyone uses.  We use the Bio-RAD hog-monster sequencing
units which are cooled by the upper buffer chamber that distributes
heat around the gel much more evenly.  I have never experienced such

> In article <1994Feb17.211513.26730 at emba.uvm.edu> Brian Foley,
> brianf at med.uvm.edu writes:
> >	Other than that, I can say that I have never had good luck loading 
> >gels after too long of a pre-run.  If I need to read far from the primer
> >I always pour a second gel for the long run.  I have seen my gels
> >breaking down in a small region between where the upper buffer cools
> >the gel and the aluminum plate that distributes heat in the middle
> >of the gel.  My apparatus has a slight gap there where the gel overheats
> >and gets destroyed.
> For what it's worth, this has been my experience as well.
> Good luck,
> Jim Owens

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