How to avoid PCR errors?

Frederick Roth roth at
Tue Feb 15 19:15:48 EST 1994

In article <2jneai$dha at> ANDY PHILLIPS <andy.phillips at> writes:
>Applied Biosystems now sell a PE-Cetus proof-reading Taq called
>ULTma DNA Polymerase, which is presumably licensed for
>PCR. It amplifies well in our hands, altough we haven't sequenced
>the products yet.
>I have no connection with blah blah..
>Andy Phillips

I talked with the PE-Cetus folks about ULTma...  while they have data 
showing that ULTma is a proofreading enzyme, for all they know it has 
worse fidelity than Taq.  From my conversation, it became clear that they  
have not done ANY experiments to measure its fidelity.

				-Fritz Roth

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