Sequencing Glycogen ppt DNA?

Domingos henrique D_henrique at
Fri Feb 18 06:58:26 EST 1994

In article <1994Feb17.190959.21896 at>, brianf at (Brian
Foley) wrote:

> 	I use glycogen in my precipitates of ds-DNA (pBlueScript) for 
> sequencing and it works just fine.  It has no benefit other than making 
> the pellet of denatured DNA easy to see so I don't accidentally aspirate 
> it out of the tube when removing the 70% EtOH.  i.e. the DNA precipitates 
> just fine without it, but it does not inhibit the Sequenase 2.0 enzyme.  

Two questions:

Do you do NaOH denaturation of pDNA in presence of glycogen or you add it
later for ppt??
Is there any effect of the glycogen on the sequencing gel??



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