Merlin Preps (0/3)

Chia Jin Ngee mcblab47 at
Fri Feb 18 02:58:13 EST 1994

Hi to all in Bionetland!

This is the descriptor for the following posting to come concerning the
Merlin Preps. Currently I'm doing yield with comparison to traditional
alkaline lysis, effect of different resins and the the use of Guanidine
Thiocynate. Since I'm also onto other things in my lab, I would appreciate
if others here would speed up the results of this method by taking on the
following tests: 

1. Degradation (Someone is working on it now)
2. Sequencing (Someone working on it now)
3. Restriction Enzyme disgests (Vacant)
4. Transformation/Transfection tests (vacant)
5. Giant sized plasmids/PCR/M13 DNA (vacant)
There may be more tests to be done but I can't think of any right now.

Volunteers and suggestions? Please send mail to me. Results of tests
performed by volunteers will be posted to this newsgroup. A summary of 
suggestions will also be posted. Yes! credits will be given to those who 
take part :-)

Anyway for those interested in the formulation but not the tests. The 
formulation/protocol is divided into the following posts.

Merlin Preps Reagents (1/3)
Merlin Minipreps (2/3)
Merlin Maxipreps (3/3)

Blessings and regards
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