Purification from Low Melt

john hess jfhess at ucdavis.edu
Fri Feb 18 19:59:19 EST 1994

additional follow-up:

Promega wizard pcr preps. They used to be called magic preps.

If your DNA is LMP-agarose, they work great! 

If your DNA is a clean PCR rxn but you want to get rid of primers, nukes
and the rest of the crap, use the wizard prep also.

They are little plastic columns that are used with a resin that binds
DNA. Isopropanol washes everything but the DNA fragments > 100 and you
elute with 50 uL of H2O or TE.

Downside, they cost money and waste plastic. However, I use them quite
often to purify from LMP and have never had any agarose inhibition of
ligation problems (remember how those happen when you really need a

Not affiliated with promega, just use 'em.

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