Specificity of antibodies for Conformation

Joe Kramer jkramer at ccmail.sunysb.edu
Sat Feb 19 11:10:03 EST 1994

In article <2juc2r$7b3 at news.bu.edu> Patricia Foster, pfoster at bu.edu
>try to purify it under native conditions.  So, how
>likely is it that polyclonal antibodies raised 
>against a denatured protein will immunoabsorb the
>native form of the protein, or a complex of it with
>other proteins, in a cell lysate?

I have injected several proteins(4 or 5) in high urea (4-8M) and obtained
antibodies which recognized native epitopes.  I haven't found any immun-
agens which did not work in this regard.

Joe Kramer

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