Imagene green fluorogenic galactoside

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>>Dear netters,
>>        I am trying to get some information on a reporter gene
>>system called Green Fluorescent Protein. If anyone has refs or
>>any other info I would greatly appreciate it.

>>Dear Steve:
>>   Are you thinking of the Green fluorogenic substrates for beta
>>galactosidase from Molecular probes?  Or is this something

>>Rich Day
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>I sent this to Steve but perhaps the rest of you might be interested.
>Martin Chalfie at Colombia developed a plasmid that contains the gene for
>jellyfish green fluorescent protein. This protein glows green in living
>cells when it is exposed to blue light. The glow is bright enough to be
>seen with the eye. The photos I saw of it in action were taken from living
>worms carrying a trangene with a tissue specific promoter linked to the
>jellyfish green protein. Single cells were filled with the protein and
>processes were easily visualized. 
>This reporter works in worms and is I think being used in mammal cells by
>Curan's group at Roche but I don't know about other species. As a reporter
>in transgenics or cell cultures it seems to be very promising since it is
>visualizable in living cells with minimal equipment.

The reference for this is Science 263: 802-805
"Green Fluorescent Protein as a Marker for Gene Expression"
M. Chalfie, Y. Tu, G. Euskirchen, W. Ward and D. Prasher.

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