stability of polylysine

Manpreet S Wadhwa mwadhwa at
Sun Feb 20 03:13:17 EST 1994

hi netters,

i have been working with polylysine in some of my experiments. I generally
dissolve the polylysine (hydrobromide) in deionized water and keep aliquots
of the concentrated stock solution (50mg/ml) in the freezer. My working
solution is 4mg/ml and this i keep either in the freezer, or sometimes
refrigerated at 4 degrees (when in regular use).

The label on the sigma bottle for polylysine says "Dessicate" and
"Store at less than 0 degree C". I've been wondering lately if the
dessication requirement is only to avoid hygroscopicity (which would
change the weight of the powder), or is there a stability issue involved?

Provided that there are no proteases swimming around, is there any problem
in storing the polylysine in the way i am? (probably shouldn't be, given
the stability of amide bonds...)

please email me any comments, or post here.

/manpreet s. wadhwa

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