Bacterial cell death

Michael Benedik bchs1b at Elroy.UH.EDU
Tue Feb 22 11:16:13 EST 1994

In article <1994Feb18.145006.1 at mcclb0>, shiha02 at writes:
>Can anyone recommand a good bacterial system where if a gene is
>induced leads to cell death?

There are lots of systems, but it is hard to recommend anything without
knowing precisely what your needs are. Some exaples (these are only a few)
are the haq gene which produces a lethal product (mechanism I don't remember)
the phage lambda S gene, which pops holes in the membrane, the galK gene
which in presence of galactose produces a toxic metabolite, any nuclease
like restriction enzyme which if overproduced without methylase is lethal,
lots of phage gene systms which can be used to induce some quiescent prophage
and cause cell lysis, and many more...

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