Quantifying minute amounts of DNA?

John Brunstein brunstei at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Tue Feb 22 13:58:24 EST 1994

Helgi, you might want to look into DNA spectrofluorimeters which use an
intercalating dye (ie Hoescht dye) for quantitation.  There are several of
these on the market designed for exactly your purpose, they are even
pre-callibrated to directly read out the DNA concentration and are good
for even very small quantities of DNA.  The instruments are also very
small (about 20cm x 15cm) so they don't take up much bench space.  We don't
have one here in this lab, but if you want more information let me know
and i can get in touch with someone who does have one for brand names,
sources, etc.

On 22 Feb 1994, Helgi Briem Magnusson wrote:

> Hello Netters.
>    Does anyone have a protocol for measuring the amount of
> DNA when you only have a tiny amount available, i.e. too
> little to visualize on an EtBr-agarose gel and too little
> to give a reading at 280nm when diluted?
>    Any help would be much appreciated.
> Regards, Helgi Briem
> Inst. Exp. Pathol.
> Keldur, Iceland

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