translucent PVDF membranes

Shahram Mori smori at
Tue Feb 22 23:07:48 EST 1994

vaughan at wrote:
: Hello Fellow Western Blotters,
: 	I have been using PVDF membranes for Western blots recently, and have 
: noticed that the membrane becomes translucent if "too much" protein
: is loaded in the lane. 	This is a problem since the blot does not become 
: opaque again after it is dried. 
: 	Has anyone else seen this problem, and what have you done about it?
: 	Thanks for any imput.
: 	Kevin Vaughan
I use the MSI's nitrocellulose membranes for my WB's and they work beautifully
tel# 800 444 8212 . It's called Nitropure. cat# wp2hy00010
good luck.

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