autoclaving and PEG

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>  This reminds me of an interesting phenomenon I observed when I was at U of
> Illinois' Micro dept. (specialists in funny bugs). I had a bottle of 10% SDS
> that had little red floaters that appeared after about one year of storage.
> The strange thing was that these things seemed to get worse until there was
> an appreciable quantity of them at the bottom of the bottle. Then they stopped
> "growing". I tried to transfer these things to a fresh bottle, but they did
> not take. I could not make out much under the scope, but they were like furry
> reddish balls. Possibly they were a chemical contaminant that precipitated,
> as I think it highly unlikely that anything would grow in such adverse hostile
> conditions. BUT, they did appear to grow. Anyone have any idea about what I
> saw?
> Brett Lindenbach

I forget the reference now, but there was a recent article on the growth of
an E. coli strain in 5 % SDS, and the proteins produce due to the detergent

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