Protein Expression in E. Coli

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Wed Feb 23 12:38:37 EST 1994

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Brian Smith <bos at nmrt.ocms> wrote:
>I would just like to strongly reject the idea of a separate newgroup for protein
>expression. I believe the traffic on any such newsgroup would mainly consist of
>"I'm trying to express this protein, but it's not working" posts, which are
>adequately catered for at present at present between this newsgroup and

the traffic argument is not valid. in the immortal words of kevin
costner :) "if you build it, they will come". the majority of posts
would be "it's not working" kind but that would be the nature of this
newsgroup. people who have something that is working would logically not
bother to post with a "i made this and it's working" post, but if they
follow this newsgroup they can offer suggestions and tips on why their
system is working. 

your comments are welcome. i am looking for a discussion on how useful
this proposed newsgroup might be or how futile it would be. i strongly
believe that their are enough people out there doing protein expression
that they deserve a dedicated forum to express their successes and lacks
of it and benefit from the expertise of others. 


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