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We have had a similar experience.  Ususally some acrylamide will
accumulate in the top reservoir when we have new people using it.  The
best solution that we have found is to remove the accumulated
acrylamide with a bent coat hanger and pray that the platinum wire
doesn't get busted.  So far so good.  Has anyone else found a better

>   I have been using Sequigens for four years, with many sets of
> plates, and have never had this problem. The only problem we have
> is filling up the "top" reservoir with acrylamide! (and that's 
> through our own stupidity, 'tho I'll bet we're not the only ones:-).
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Prevention is better than cure!!

We use two systems;

firstly pour in to the top tank some TBE buffer to dilute the acrlamide 


place some tissue at the top of the tanks to  absob the acrlamide before it runs to the bottom.

Both work in our hands.


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