Bacterial cell death

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Thu Feb 24 20:59:45 EST 1994

For some reason my newsreader must have deleted the original post on 
bacterial cell death.  So I'm not sure what the original question was.  
I am also interested in genes that are lethal when induced.

In reply to the original post (I hope), some of these genes 
include sacB from Bacillus
subtilis, induced by sucrose, kil/kor and hok/sok plasmid maintenance genes
and colicin genes eg., behind an inducible promoter (eg., lac).

I am trying to find a gene that will allow selection for loss of that gene,
eg., positive selection.  SacB is very good in numerous bacterial species,
but in not in my pet bacterium :-(.  I thought the colicin idea would be a good
one until I realized that as soon as it was induced, all the bacteria would be
killed as the colicin was excreted.  Therefore, I'd like to qualify the 
question.  Does anyone know of any genes that are lethal when expressed AND
the gene product of said gene is not excreted/secreted etc... or lethal
to other cells in the population.

Helen Jost,
Monash Uni,

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