Q: Digitizing an Autorad image

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In article <1994Feb24.141003.22629 at alw.nih.gov>, Jim Owens <jow at helix.nih.gov> writes:
> In article <dkolk-230294075443 at clinical-mac-78.ucsd.edu> Dan Kolk,
> dkolk at popmail.ucsd.edu writes:
>>	We have attempted to digitized autoradiographic images using an
>>Hewlett-packard scanjet IIc and Adobe photoshop with less than
> spectacular
>>results.  Has anyone out there had any success digitizing autorad images?
> A Molecular Dynamics scanning densitometer will do this very nicely. 
> However, it is so expensive that your best bet is to find one already at
> UCSD, or even anywhere in the La Jolla area.  The latest version of the
> software is fairly straight forward to use, and you should get
> comfortable with it in only a few scans.  Outputs data is suitable for
> use in Excel or any other spreadsheet that accepts tab-delimited text.
> Good luck,
> Jim Owens

A cheaper if not so accurate solution is to "photograph" the autoradiogram
with a digital CCD camera like those used for recording gels. I do this,
save the image as a TIFF file and analyse with NIH Image for densitometry,
etc. (this is PD software for the Mac).
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