Getting acrylamide out of SEQUI-GEN tanks

Wed Feb 23 13:22:49 EST 1994

> James F. George (txpljfg at writes:
> >We have had a similar experience.  Ususally some acrylamide will
> >accumulate in the top reservoir when we have new people using it.  The
> >best solution that we have found is to remove the accumulated
> >acrylamide with a bent coat hanger and pray that the platinum wire
> >doesn't get busted.  So far so good.  Has anyone else found a better
> >solution?
> >

Use a strong jet of water. Remember that neat trick where you hold your
finger over the end of a tap, and direct jets of water all around the lab?
Do the same thing with a rubber tube, trying to direct the jet straight up
the gap between the plates. It works really well, and is rather
satisfying,although rather wet...

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