Total RNA isolation kit recommend

David M. Berman eyeball at
Sat Feb 26 01:36:55 EST 1994

Hung T. Nguyen (nguyenhd at wrote:
: Dear Netter,

: I'm looking for a total RNA isolation kit that could purify RNA quickly and
:  give clean and high yield product.  One kit I've come across is AMRESCO
: Rapid RNA Purification kit that allows to purify RNA from 100mg of tissue
: in 30 min.  Has anyone have experience with this kit?  Suggestions and
: recommendations are greatly appreciated.

: Hung T. Nguyen
: nguyenhd at

RNA STAT-60 is the reagent of choice in my lab.  It is based on the
acid phenol method and takes around 60 minutes to perform.  The
Amresco product may be quite similar.  STAT-60 is from TelTest Corp in
Friendswood, TX.
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