Purification from Low Melt

Steve Rodems smrodems at students.wisc.edu
Sat Feb 26 09:27:30 EST 1994

For cloning purposes, I use GeneClean for all my purification from agarose
gels.  I just use plain old agarose, no Low Melt stuff.  I don't weigh my
gel slice, I just put it in an eppendorf tube and add NaI to the top.  5-10
µl Glassmilk will do the trick.  Lately, I've been using TBE Modifier
(avaiable in GeneClean II kit) so I can run TBE gels.  I use this for all
size fragments.  I've purified a 34 bp fragment using GeneClean.  The
yields are low but you don't need much for a ligation (all you need is one
molecule, right?!).  

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