Alternatives to low melt?

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erman) writes:
>As an alternative to low melt purifications of DNA from agarose (and to
>glass milk), I recently heard of a column by a company that is called DNAX
>(I think)
>You just put your cut gel fragment in this column, which fits in an
>eppendorf tube, and spin for 10'. Does anyone know details (price, how does
>it work, efficiency etc.)?
>Batu Erman

This is not exactly what you were looking for, but homemade versions of what
you want have been described in this newsgroup  (see below).  I hope Shoumo
doesn't mind my reposting his article.  Beauty of Shoumo's scheme is its
simplicity (and speed).  Note that you don't have to use low melting agarose or
TAE buffer.  Recovery seems to be on the order of 50 to 70%, which is good
enough for cloning.  Variant methods have also been described by Paul Hengen
and John H. McDonald with subject heading "Recovery of DNA from agarose gels" 
on Dec 15, 1993.  You should be able to use Gopher to retrieve these articles
from the bionet archives. 

Good luck!

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