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Sun Feb 27 11:54:54 EST 1994

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> Has anyone tried Insta-minipreprs from 5'-->3'?  Do they work well?
> They look to be quite fast.  I also wonder what the gel barrier they
> use for the aqueous and organic phases may be.
> Thanks
> Steve Beverley
> BCMP Dept.  
> Harvard Medical School

I have used the PCI miniprep for a short time now, and it seems not to
affect things like restriction and PCR. The one drawback is that you get
much more RNA than any of the other minipreps I have tried (alkaline lysis,
boiling, Magic). For some reason they state that one should not use RNase
before sequencing, but I don't know why and I haven't tested the product in
sequencing yet.

Bernard Heymann
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