non specific pcr primiing

douglas l feinstein dlfeins at
Mon Feb 28 10:28:28 EST 1994

I have a pcr setup as follows:
						template:                          --------------------------
	         forward primer 1:             ----->
forward primer 2:                --->

Revererse primer:	                                                       

As you can see, the primer1 and the reverse should work fine, while
foward primer 2 should not bind at all to the template. So... what is the
possibility that if I do the pcr with primer 2 and reverse primer I will
get a significant amount of product? What if the last 2 3' bases of
primer 2 overlapped with the beginning of thetemplate? I do this pcr at
62oC annealling, which is Tm-4oC of the primer 2.


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