Preferential insert orientation

Sat Jan 1 22:02:58 EST 1994

In article <gregoryh-271293155836 at> gregoryh at (Gregory R. Harriman) writes:
> Nonetheless, I only get colonies with the original

How many colonies did you pick to screen?  Even with the worst of luck 
(which it seems you may be having; did you do the ritual, obligatory 
cloning dance to the Molecular Biology Gods before you started :-)), if I 
pick twelve colonies (i.e., one microfuge rotor's worth), I can get my 
orientation in at least 1 colony.  Actually, to date, my worst luck has 
been 3/12 correct orientation.

To answer the other part of your original question: Never heard of 
"directional preference" with identical sites.
-Barry (bjmarg at

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