Using DNA markers to check size of RNA

Sat Jan 1 21:57:49 EST 1994

In article <CIpGxt.BGH at> bawagan at (Hinayana Bawagan) writes:
>     I find it a pain to run RNA formaldehyde gels.  Even with 3 uls of RNA, I 
>get the faintest signal.  

There's an article in Biotechniques that describes the best way to see 
RNA with ethidium.  I think it's from within the last 2 years or so 
(maybe Jan. 91) and one of the authors is Gong.

>     I can use 0.5% TBE agarose gel but my problem is with DNA markers, I can
>only say that my RNA migrates with this band of DNA.  Can I do something to
>the DNA markers that will make them run like a ss RNA?  Has anyone out there
>establish that a single-stranded RNA of a particular size migrates with 
>DNA of a particular size? 

Many companies sell RNA markers.  I have used the ones from BRL, which 
work well.  Hope this helps.
-Barry (bjmarg at

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