Dichloromethane vs Chloroform

Roger F. Anderson rander at cco.caltech.edu
Mon Jan 3 15:14:53 EST 1994

In Methods in Molecular and Cellular Biology vol 1 , no 516, 1990 pg 245 - 247
Maloisel and Perbal claim that Dichloromethane can be substituted for
chloroform without adverse effects, in DNA extractions.

I was wondering if anyone else has tried this. Their data seems pretty good
and since the paper is 3 years old I was wondering why more people have not
made the switch. Are we just too set in our ways or is there another reason.

I just looked in the Sigma catalogue and PRICE could be the reason. 
Chloroform $19.95 for 500 ml                                        
Dichlorom. $$12.00 for 500 ml         

But wait FISHER
ACS grade 1 Liter
Chloroform $30.55 (C298-1)
Dichloromethane $30.75 (D37-1) They listed as Methylene Chloride.
Just goes to show you need to check more than one distributor.

So then the question remains.
 Why don't we use it?

I will compile the responses ( if any) in a few days.


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