Electroporation into intact plant cells

Tue Jan 4 20:58:49 EST 1994

Dekeyser et al (Ref. below) have reported that they have developed a procedure
to deliver DNA to intact rice leaves with a 5-20% efficiency rate. I'm
wondering if anybody have further information or experience. Can it be done for
A. thaliana root?

     I am going to transfer a construct of a reporte gene under the control of
a phosphate starvation responsive (plant psr) promoter into A. thaliana root. I
want to minimize alteration in cell physiology. Therefore, I'm considerring
using this technique (besides micro-projectile gene transfer). Any reference
will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Ref.:Dekeyser et al (1990) Transient gene expression in intact and organized
 rice tissues. Plant Cell 2:591-602.

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